Being quiet due to embarrassment, shamed and scared in an abusive relationship. Some people see it differently then the person being abused and what I mean by that is it easier said that done “to get out ” or to leave but it’s not that simple. I know because I use to be this person thinking that keeping my family out of my business would help me. But it only made it worse for me I was always angry thinking that them of all people should have known that I had changed. I stop smiling as much as I use to didn’t come around like I wanted to. Made up lies when they saw a bruise but how could I get mad at them going through what I was going through because they wouldn’t have known because I kept quiet… Please ladies Don’t keep quiet it only causes you more harm than good.

“Hello” tonight is my first time here I’m very excited. Not really sure what’s going on here but soon I’ll have it all together. Just wanted to say hello I’ll be back soon.